N342 Server-side Programming for the Web


Lab Consulting Schedule

Determined at first class with student input

Raymond Wisman


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Class Schedule
  Reading Home Work
14 May Mapping W:
Client/Server (Browsers/Web Servers)
Overview Server Programming
Client side programming
    Content management - mambo
    Chapters 1, 2 of Guide to Web Publishing
    Basic Networking Protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP).
Server Side Programming - ASP using JScript, VBScript. ActiveX.
ASP/ADO Databases
Start Project.
21 Server Configuration
Server Side Programming - ASP using JScript, VBScript. ActiveX.
ASP/ADO Databases
Start Project.
1 Quiz 1
28 XML and XSL Introduction
     Chapter 5 of Guide to Web Publishing 
2 Quiz 2


4 June Visitor Data - Hidden variables/Cookies.
User Session handling.
RESTful services.
3 Quiz 3
11 Editing DOM trees
Microsoft .NET Code-Behind
Dynamic Graphics.
Java Applets.
Project Finish Discussion


Quiz 4


18 Error Handling
Project finish, critique and wrap up.
Protocols, Web Services and .NET 
5 Quiz 5
25 Project Due 9:00pm Project


Course Details
Name: Raymond F. Wisman
Office: LF-122 By appointment outside of Lab Schedule
Phone: 941-2465
Web: www.ius.edu/rwisman
Meetings: LF-111 W 7:30-9:00 pm
Prerequisites: C201 or other programming introduction.
No Text Required


Internet and World Wide Web: How to Program 4e by Deitel and Deitel. ISBN-10 0-13-175242-1. 
User-Centered Website Development by McCracken and Wolfe ISBN 0-13-041161-2
Usability for the Web
by Brinck, Gergle and Wood ISBN 1-55860-658-0
Web Design by Powell. ISBN 0-07-212297-8
Software: FrontPage 2003 and Office or Download Free
Resources:        Recommended books, guides, tutorials, software available on Web
Course Goals: See N342 Course Goals
Grade Scale:
A+ 97% - 100%    A  93% - 96%        A-  90% - 92%
B+ 87% -  89%     B  83% - 86%        B-  80% - 82%
C+ 77% -  79%     C  73% - 76%        C-  70% - 72%
D+ 67% -  69%     D  63% - 66%        D-  60% - 62%
F  0% -   59%

Note that grades below a C are not accepted in the School of Natural Sciences. 
Course Evaluation:
5     Homework Assignments 50%
5     Quizzes 20%	
1     Test 10%
1     Project 20% 
Homework: Due at the start of class on dates listed in syllabus. No late homework accepted.
Quizzes/Test: Online quizzes and test completed outside class.
Project: A comprehensive project to implement a significant Web client/server application.
Academic Ethics: All work is subject to the Indiana University Code of Student Ethics.

Learning requires a partnership between the instructor, authors, researchers and students; therefore students are encouraged to use any and all resources available to solve homework problems and complete programming assignments. However, students must:

  1. clearly cite any contributing source; a text, another student, the Internet, etc.
  2. create their own solutions

For example, students may work in groups to solve homework problems provided each student creates their own (not copies) solutions  and clearly lists all group members or other sources such as authors of texts or on the Internet. Likewise, software that performs assigned functionality may not be directly used but the source code may be consulted provided it is subsequently cited. Changing the spelling of algorithm identifiers does not constitute creating an original solution. It is absolutely essential to note that failure to cite any contributing source will be considered cheating regardless of the reason for the omission. Likewise, verbatim duplication of any source, whether from another student, a text, etc. will always be considered plagiarism.

Violation of any aspect of this policy will result in a failing grade for the course.