A348 Project  Finish



One project goal was to separate the programming logic from the user interface design. For the convenience of working on the project at school or home, elements of both have been included in a common file directory.

One large element of the user interface implemented for testing only (in A348 at least) consisted of style sheets for displaying stock to buy and sell, portfolio, etc. These style sheets were named SellListContent.htm, BuyListContent.htm, etc. and were used by ASP scripts to transform XML data into HTML for the user interface. We will make minor modifications to the ASP scripts that display data to present a more complete user interface defined by style sheets stored at a common location. Hence the logic maintained on one computer system will incorporate the user interface maintained on another.

Another goal of the project was to serve as an example Web system for implementation practice and to develop a perspective on the relative strengths and weaknesses of at least one site design. These will be discussed in class.

Assignment 0

Logout.asp contained an error that prevented a user from logging out and immediately logging in again, until the session timeout occurred. The original code redirected first, never executing the session variable abandon to make all session variables undefined. The erroneous Logout.asp ended with:

Session.Abandon;                                      // Release all session variables

change to:

Session.Abandon;                                      // Release all session variables

Assignment 1

Give one critical function that is missing from the project. Describe the function and how it might be implemented.

For example:

Missing project function


For clarity of use, a single Transfer Funds link initiates the transfer described as follows:

  1. AccountList.asp - Selects the current trader balance from the Trader table. Display balance in a form that provides for transfer of money into or out of the account to or from a credit card. The form has five inputs: 1) a checkbox named "into" that when checked indicates a transfer into the account, 2) the amount to transfer, 3) credit card number, 4) name, and 5) expiration date. The form defines action="AccountTransfer.asp" method="get".
  2. AccountTransfer.asp - Selects the current trader balance from the Trader table.

    For transfers into the account (i.e. "into=on")

    • verify the credit card information through a credit card service
    • if not valid redirect to invalidCreditCard.xml
    • add transfer amount to the account balance in Trader table and redirect to TraderSummary.asp

For transfers from  the account (i.e. no into variable)

Assignment 2

Implement error logging in CartSummary.asp similar to the example discussed in class.

In the case of a program exception, log the event to an error log file in the Project directory.

Test - Test two cases:

  1. No errors.
  2. An error in CartSummaryContent.htm - Insert an error to the style sheet, such as changing <td> to td>.

Turn In - Listing of error log file and screen shot of error response.

Assignment 3

Ensure that all ASP files, except Login.asp and Registration.asp, redirect to Login.xml when Session("trader") is undefined.

Assignment 4

In BuyStock.asp and SellStock.asp, verify that the number of shares is greater than zero and non-blank before inserting into the cart.

Assignment 5

Modify Login.asp to redirect to Portfolio.asp on a successful login.

Assignment 6 - To be tested in class

To test your project with a completed user interface you will need to make one minor modification to each of the following files:

The modification consists of changing one line in each of the files. For example, in the Portfolio.asp file, comment out:

and replace with:

Note that xsl should be consistent with the variable names your progams.

Testing after making modifications:

The user interface (impemented in A346) for the stock trading site requires logic and data (implemented in A348 project) to fully test the implementation. The www.csci.ius.edu server can be used for testing.

  1. FTP
    • In browser address enter: ftp://www.csci.ius.edu
    • Login using your IUS username and password.
    • Create a directory on www.csci.ius.edu named A348 (any will do but this might be more memorable).
    • Copy the complete A348 project directory onto www.csci.ius.edu A348 directory. Delete all files EXCEPT ASP files from the directory.
  2. Start test by clicking http://www.csci.ius.edu/TEST/A346A348Test.asp.

Turn in

  1. Cover Page - Your name, date, A348 Project Finish. Staple all pages together.
  2. Assignment 1 - Copy of your recommended improvement.
  3. Assignment 2 - Printout of CartSummary.asp, error log and screen shot of error screen.
  4. Email notification to rwisman@ius.edu with subject: YOUR NAME - A348 Project Finish

    Copy yourself to verify that email sent correctly.