1. Introduction
  2. Sine Waves
  3. Wave Speed
  4. Transverse
  5. SHO I
  6. SHO II
  7. Longitudinal
  8. Water Waves
  9. 2D Waves
  10. Adding Waves
  11. Interference
  12. Group Velocity
  13. Other Waves
  14. Fourier
  15. Reflection
  16. Boundaries
  17. Standing Waves
  18. Refraction
  19. Lenses
  20. Path Difference
  21. Impedance
  22. Dispersion I
  23. Dispersion II
  24. Diffraction
  25. Doppler
  26. Electromagnetic I
  27. Electromagnetic II
  28. Polarization
  29. Wave Equation
  30. Mass Chains
  31. Non-linearity
  32. Solitons

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Created by Wolfgang Christian, Francisco Esquembre et. al., modified by Kyle Forinash. Released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

1: Introduction

K. Forinash, professor of physics
School of Natural Sciences
Indiana University Southeast
New Albany IN 47150

Unusual waves at Puerto Escondido, Mexico

This is a set of interactive tutorials designed to teach the fundamentals of wave dynamics. It starts with very simple wave properties and ends with an examination of nonlinear wave behavior. The emphasis here is on the properties of waves which are difficult to illustrate in a static textbook figure. The tutorial may be used in conjunction with a text or as a stand alone introduction to waves. Exposure to calculus and basic physics is assumed in the latter sections.

If you see any errors or have ideas for topics that should be included, please contact me:

NOTE: This is the JavaScript version but not all the chapters have been converted from Java to JavaScript. I am hoping to have that completed by summer, 2015. Java does not run on tablets or phones so those chapters won't run on some devices until converted.

Video Clips of interesting waves from Puerto Escondido, Mexico, summer 2005: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Surfer. Caution, these are about 3MB each.