Syllabus for physics P310, Fall 2013

Course description for P310

The purpose of this course is to look at the application of physical principles to environmental issues. In particular we will try to understand some of the limits placed by scientific laws on humankind's use of environmental resources, energy resources in particular. Prerequisite: P201 or P221; Math M215; some familiarity with computer spreadsheets is helpful (the DOE web site allows the downloading of energy data in spreadsheet format).

Topics covered:

1. Based on current estimates of energy resources and energy consumption, what can expect about future energy resources and consumption?

2. Where can we 'save' energy?

3. What do we know about the greenhouse effect?

4. What is pollution and how do we deal with it?


The course will be run something like a seminar. Your grade will be determined in the following way:

Other Issues:

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