Ending the Fossil Fuel Addiction: What will it take?

Kyle Forinash

Abstract: World energy use is projected to increase by nearly 60% in the next 20 years. Oil currently supplies nearly 40% of the world's energy yet most experts agree that the peak in oil production world wide will occur within the next 25 years (some say the peak occurred last year and we haven’t yet noticed!). Although oil will continue to flow for many years after the peak in production it is clear that new energy sources will need to be found to replace dwindling oil (and other fossil fuel) reserves. This talk investigates this problem from a physical perspective, examining the possible sources and trade offs which will have to be made to insure a secure energy future for the world. The economic cost of making this transition is briefly discussed.

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Sources and references on Environmental Physics

Also see my book; Foundations of Environmental Physics; Understanding Energy Use and Human Impacts, Kyle Forinash (Island Press, July 2010).