Kyle Forinash, PhD.

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Environmental Physics

On-line, computer and cell phone teaching resources

Since the early 1990s I have worked with my colleagues Ray Wisman and Bill Rumsey on the use of computers and web based material in teaching. The three of us set up the very first web servers for the IUS campus in 1994, establishing IUS as the first IU regional campus having a web presence. Ray and I have also spent significant time finding easy and inexpensive ways to interface physics experiments and equipment to computers and cell phones. To date we have published 16 peer reviewed articles together and three iPhone apps.

Over the past 10 years I have, using open source tools, created on-line simulations and tutorial materials for use at the introductory physics level. These activities have been presented in many publications and presentations, both in the US and also in Argentina (in Spanish) while on sabbatical in 2006-2007 and as part if a Fulbright grant in 2010 to Argentina.

Nonlinear dynamics

From 1990 until 2001 I worked with groups at Los Alamos and in Lyon France on simplistic computer models which model the collective behavior of a chain of point masses joined by nonlinear coupling forces or nonlinear on-site potentials. These kinds of simple models provide insight into nonlinear behavior in discrete systems (such as solids at the atomic level) in general and possibly point the way toward understanding the behavior of more complicated systems such as biological polymers, DNA unzipping during replication. See the list of all Publications and Presentations for details.


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