Tim Ambrose

Tim has his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  His teaching and research interests include Spanish-language courses at all levels, Latin American culture and civilization, 20th-century Latin American fiction and poetry and the poetry and fiction of 20th-century Spain.  He has published articles of the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges (seen in photograph below,left; to the right is Argentine writer Julio Cortazar) and the Spanish poet Juan Ramon Jimenez.  Following are brief descriptions of classes he teaches at IUS.

In Spanish 412 at IUS, we study the ancient Mayan civilization represented by the ruins of Palenque (seen at left), as well as those of Copan (below, left) and  Tikal (below, right).  We go on to study the Conquest of Latin America by the Spaniards, their colonization of the New World and the Republics which eventually gained their independence from Spain.



To contact Dr. Ambrose for more information about the Spanish Department at IUS call 812-941-2232 or email TAMBROSE@iusmail.ius.indiana.edu
Office hours are Monday and Wednesday from 1:30 to 3:00 and at other times by appointment (Knobview Hall, office 110R).


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  • WEB Style Guide for IU - Bloomington Campus.
  • The Bare Bones Guide to HTML. A comprehensive yet concise "cheat sheet" of HTML tags, including Netscape extensions and HTML 3.2 specifications.
  • Beginner's Guide to HTML. A tutorial from NCSA, the folks who created the Mosaic browser.
  • HTML Documentation by Ian Graham. A tutorial to HTML and URLs.
  • How to Create Net Sites, a selection of links to web resources for the beginner.

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