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  William Sweigart

   Department of English, School of Arts and Letters
        Office: KV 200C
        Telephone:  (812) 941-2652
        Fall, 2011  Office hours: 
  Monday 3:00-4:00
  Tuesday 10:00-11:00
  Wednesday  3:00-4:00
  Thursday 10:00-11:00         And by appointment

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Fall Courses, 2007

    W300 Writing For Teachers   (9:30 MW and 4:15 TR)
    W131 Elementary Composition I,  as a First Year Seminar with  S104

Spring Courses, 2008

        L102 Western World Literature II S200 Introduction to Gay and Lesbian Studies   1:15-2:30 W
        G205  Intro to the English Language
        W300 Writing For Teachers

Previous Courses

            W131 Elementary Composition
            G205  Intro to the English Language

            X111  Intro to Gay & Lesbian Studies
                       (a one-credit hour course) With Intro to Gender Studies
           W131 Elementary Composition  as a  First-Year Seminar
           W290 Writing in the Arts and Sciences
           W405  Writing Non-fiction Prose
           W130  Principles of Composition

           W300  Writing for Teachers
           W405  Writing Non-fiction Prose
           W490 Senior Seminar in Writing


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