Dr. Subhranil De, Associate Professor of Physics;  Email: subde@ius.edu



About Dr. De in a nutshell

Dr. Subhranil De earned his PhD in physics from the University of Rochester. He has a theoretical background in statistical physics and fluid mechanics. He also takes an interest in pedagogical physics and physics education research. Among his interests outside the realm of physics, he enjoys lyrical poetry and classical music, and loves to throw a Frisbee on a sunny day.



Recent publications in refereed journals:

Subhranil De, “Getting clever with the sliding ladder,Physics Education, 49 (2014) 390-393.


Subhranil De, “On static equilibrium of a hemispheroid,” The Mathematical Gazette, 98, 541, March 2014.

Subhranil De, “A computational study of the propagation of the longitudinal velocity in a polymer melt contained within a cylinder using a scale bridging method,” Physical Review E, 88, 052311(2013).

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Subhranil De, “Revisiting the least force required to keep a block from sliding,” The Physics Teacher, 51,  220(2013).