Dr. Subhranil De’s information:

Associate Professor of Physics;  Email: subde@ius.edu


Ph.D. : University of Rochester.


Teaching interests:

Newtonian Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Geometrical Optics, Modern Physics and Special Theory of Relativity, Fluid Mechanics.


Research interests :

Computational Fluid Mechanics, Pedagogical Physics.


Recent publications in refereed journals:

Subhranil De, “Getting clever with the sliding ladder,Physics Education, 49 (2014) 390-393.


Subhranil De, “On static equilibrium of a hemispheroid,” The Mathematical Gazette, 98, 541, March 2014.

Subhranil De, “A computational study of the propagation of the longitudinal velocity in a polymer melt contained within a cylinder using a scale bridging method,” Physical Review E, 88, 052311(2013).

Subhranil De, “Revisiting the sliding ladder,” The Mathematical Gazette, 97, 539, July 2013.

Subhranil De, “Revisiting the least force required to keep a block from sliding,” The Physics Teacher, 51,  220(2013).