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F232 - Upheaval in Twentieth-Century Latin America

Revolution in Mexico

Revolution in Argentina

Revolution in Cuba


Across twentieth-century Latin America a variety of forces, factors and movements challenged established political, economic and social structures and practices – often in a violent and certainly in a dramatic series of events.  This course focuses on upheaval in Mexico, Argentina and Cuba.  In the course students examine

        the conditions under which change gathered earth-shaking force
dominant patterns of action and reaction
the methods, the outcomes and the costs of upheaval

The operating principles we seek to identify arose from decisions made one-by-one, none predetermined and each within its own grassroots context.  But shaped by the common circumstances of their time and place, the stories of all coalesce into the larger story of  societies, political systems and economies in upheaval and the consequences thereof.

 “History is our connectedness with other people across time.”  For each of the three countries, students read a first-hand account and a novel, and view a movie.




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