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With Haiti President Aristide and UNESCO Representative Arvelio García
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Magdalena Herdoíza-Estévez, Ph. D.
Professor of Education and International Studies.
School of Education,
Indiana University Southeast

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Esmeraldas, Ecuador: Route of Resistance and Dialogue. Project profile designed for UNESCO Culture Office, Paris (August, 2006)

UNESCO: IIntercultural Curriculum Model, project profile for UNESCO, Afro American Center for Diversity, Intercultural Dialogue and Sustainable Development, and Municipality of Esmeraldas (August 2004, updated in November 2006). Approved; currently postponed.

Ecuador: Afro American Center for Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue (project design with Milton Estévez), base for the creation in May 2004 of this continental Center in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, Municipality of Esmeraldas, Ecuador (May 2004)

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  Honduras: PROHACE II, Project Honduras in Partnership for Quality Education (Design of second phase),
CARE International/ CARE Honduras
(April – May 2001)

Guatemala: External Evaluation of the Mobilizing Project for the Support of Mayan Education (PROMEM), Head of Mission, UNESCO, Guatemala (April-May 2002). Published (2002)



Guatemala: National Curriculum of Guatemala. Ministry of Education of Guatemala/UNDP (August 1999 - September 1999) 

Department of El Cesar, Colombia: Educational Policy and Plan. UNESCO (August 1999)

Ecuador: Law of Education (study and critique of new law project). UNESCO - Ministry of Education (March 1999)

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  Ecuador: National Policy (trends, prospects, challenges, and planning). UNESCO/Quito (September 1998-January 1999)

Haiti: Update of Haiti's National Plan of Education. Ministry of Education/IDB (October 1997-April 1998)


Haiti: General Law of Education. Ministry of Education/IDB (January 1996 and August 1997)

Honduras: Strategic Planning and Decentralization of the Honduran Educational System. Ministry of Education/UofL International Center (December 1997)

El Salvador: National Curriculum. Ministry of Education/ USAID/AED (June - November 1996)

Haiti: National Plan of Education. Ministry of Education/ UNESCO (May 1995-January 1996)

Ecuador: Genesis Project (Computer-Assisted Development of Children's Intellectual Skills) Education Director. IBM, Ecuador (September 1993 - July 1995)

Haiti: Research on Educational Needs of at-risk Children, and design of the Integrated Education Sub-system. Ministry of Education of Haiti. Principal Consultant for UNICEF/Haiti, within the framework of Non Formal Education. Port-au-Prince (1991-1993)

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Ecuador: Academic Plan of the Quito Catholic University. Quito (January-June 1992)

Ecuador: Children Education, Nutrition and Development. ANDES/Centre International de l'Enfance (CIE-Paris, 1989-1991)

Ecuador: Design of the Micro-planning Methodology for the School System Network in Urban Areas. Consultant OAS/Ministry of Education and Culture (1988-89)

 Ecuador: Curriculum Framework for Elementary and Adult Education. Project for the Improvement of the Quality in Education (PROMECEB). Consultant IDB/UNESCO, (July- August 1988)



New Neighbors-OELA Grant

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