Chapter 2 – Make a Systematic List – Day 1


POD – Count the Squares

          Put a couple of solutions on transparency, discuss and compare


Discuss Questions over problems from Chapter 1

            Chapter 2 -  Transparency on problem 6


Make a Systematic List  - organize the information


The Make a List strategy may be appropriate when:

          A list of data is given

          Data can easily be generated

          A sequence or series of numbers is involved

          Listing special cases helps you deal with complex problems

          You are asked to make a prediction or generalization

          Information can easily be organized and presented

          Listing the results obtain by using Guess and Check

          Asking “in how many ways” something can be done

          Trying to learn about a collection of numbers generated by a rule or formula


There is often more than one correct method of devising systematic lists.


Making the list SYSTEMATIC is extremely important.

Try to exhaust ALL possibilities as the list is created.


IN CLASS - Tennis Tournament

Alice, Bob, Carol, David, Elaine, and Fred are the six players in a round-robin tennis tournament.  Each player will play a set against each of the other players.  List all the sets that need to be played.

a)  First try listing if only a four player round-robbing with Alice, Bob, Carol and David playing.

b)  Do the original problem of six players

(**This problem can be made easier by reducing the number of players**)


IN CLASS - Loose Change

Leslie has 25 cents in her pocket, but does not have a quarter.  If you can tell her all possible combinations of coins he could have that add up to 25 cents, she will give you the 25 cents.


IN CLASS - Cookie Monster

Cookies are sold singly or in packages of 2 or 6.  How many ways can you buy a dozen cookies?



IN CLASS  -Which Papers Should Kristin Write?

For her Shakespeare course, Kristen is to read all five of the following plays and choose three of them to write papers about:  Richard III  (A), The tempest (B), Macbeth (C), A Midsummer Night’s Dream  (D), and Othello (E).  How many different sets of three books can Kristen write papers about?


Assignment   - POD  Frisbin


Homework:  Page 38 - #1, #2, #8   Read pgs. 32 thru 39