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tropical rain forest

Tropical Rain Forest Biomes

Tropical Rainforest Biomes

tropical dry forest

Tropical Dry Forest Biomes

Tropical Dry Forest Biomes

tropical savanna

Tropical Savanna Biomes

Tropical Savannas

temperate grassland

Temperate Grasslands Biome

Temperate Grassland Biome


Desert Biomes

The desert biome

temperate woodland and shrubland

Temperate Woodland and Shrubland Biome

Temperate Woodland and Shrubland Biome

temperate forest

Temperate Forest Biome

Temperate Forest Biome

northwestern coniferous forest

Northwestern Coniferous Forest Biomes

Northwestern Coniferous Forest Biomes

boreal forest (taiga)

Taiga Biomes

Where is the Taiga Located?


Tundra Biomes

The tundra biome

mountains and ice caps

Mountains and Ice Cap Biome

Mountains and Ice Caps Biomes


Super special shiny awesome site of biome knowledge


Remember you must include the following information in your foldable:

1.         location of biome

2.         general information about the biome

3.         biotic factors

4.         abiotic factors

5.         climate information

6.         plant information (3 examples)

7.         animal information (3 examples)

8.         fun facts (4 – 6 examples)

9.         glossary terms (with definitions) about your biome (5-10 is appropriate)

10.     works cited with 2-3 resources (use websites, textbook, etc…)