Skills Assessment Test

This test is designed to assess basic arithmetic skills with:

                     whole numbers




                     order of operations

T101, T102, and T103 are designed not to teach basic elementary school mathematics, but rather take these skills and study them conceptually.

The idea behind the Skills Assessment Test is to be sure the student has mastery of the prerequisite knowledge to be successful in these classes.



Preparing to take the Skills Test

The Skills Test SHOULD NOT be taken without first working through the reviews below. 

It is not uncommon for students to fail the first time the test is taken. Therefore students should review extensively before taking the test.

                     FRACTION REVIEW

                     INTEGER REVIEW

                     ORDER OF OPERATIONS REVIEW


Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: http://homepages.ius.edu/pmiller/T101/Skills%20Test_files/getacro.gif   Several of the reviews are in pdf form.  Download Acrobat Reader to access these.


Taking the Skills Test

                     Schedule an Appointment. Test is given by the Student Development Center, University Center South Room 203, 941-2312

                     Picture ID is Required to take the test

                     While taking the test, students should also check their work and make sure fractions are reduced before moving to the next question.

                     Multiple choice answers contain plausible distractors the incorrect choices are answers found by making common student mistakes.

                     Other Important Information:

o        The test has 31 questions. At least 27 questions must be answered correctly to pass.

o        No calculator is permitted for the test.

o        Pencil and paper will be provided to work problems.

o        Students must turn in all paper work after taking the test.

o        If a student fails the test twice, they then must complete a review assignment to qualify to take the test a third time.

This REVIEW must be worked out and turned in to:

Kimberly Bonacci, Coordinator for Lower Level Math (PS 020B, 941-2132, kbonacci@ius.edu

LINK to access: REVIEW to take skills test A third time

o        If a student does not pass the test on the third attempt, the student cannot register for T101 for the upcoming semester.

The student must then wait until the next registration period and only has 1 attempt for each future semester.