Creating & Running a Logon Script

Last Updated: 04/30/2012


The NET USE Command

Using Group Policy to Set Up a Logon Script -

  • In a previous lab we created the shared folder SWUnitFolder that it could be shared by all the users in the SoftwareUnit OU.
  • The problem we need to solve is: how to (in one spot) automatically create a drive mapping to this shared folder for all the users in the SoftwareUnit OU.

Shared Folder

Working on the Server Computer

Edit the SoftwareUnitGPO

  • Navigate to:
    User Configuration | Policies | Windows Settings | Scripts (Logon/Logoff)
    See screen shot to the right.
  • Right Click: choose: Properties.
    This brings up the "Logon Properties" dialog (not shown here).
  • Click: Add... button
    This brings up the "Add a Script" dialog (not shown here).
  • Click the Browse button.
    This brings up the "Browse" dialog (see below)

Working on the Client Computer

Test the SoftwareUnit OU's Group Policy