Indiana University Southeast

Professor Bryan Hall, Ph.D.


I am an Associate Professor of Philosophy as well as the program coordinator for Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Humanities at IU Southeast. I have been on the faculty at IU Southeast since 2006. During academic year 2010-2011, I was a senior Fulbright scholar at the University of Bucharest in Romania. Before joining the faculty at IU Southeast, I taught for a year at Virginia Tech as a Visiting Assistant Professor. I received my Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2005. In 2003-2004, I was a junior Fulbright scholar in Germany where I worked on my dissertation at the Philipps-Universitšt Marburg. My area of specialization is the History of Modern Philosophy, and in particular Kant. My teaching interests, however, are many splendored. Most of my published work deals with issues in Kantís theoretical philosophy, but I also dabble in the History and Philosophy of Science as well as the History of Analytic Philosophy. You can find links to most of my articles by clicking the ďPublicationsĒ tab to your left. I am also the author of two books. I wrote my first book, The Arguments of Kantís Critique of Pure Reason, with two extremely talented undergraduate students at IU Southeast. My second book, The Post-Critical Kant, deals with Kantís final manuscript, the so-called Opus postumum. You can find more information on these books by clicking on the below covers.