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Welcome to the Home page of

Dr. Gretchen Kirchner 

 Professor of Biology

Office: LF312   Lab: LF311

Phone: 941-2635   Email: gkirchne@ius.edu

Go straight to the Self-Instructional Help Guides, a great resource for anyone needing a biology or chemistry review!

This web page was created as a resource for my students.  Here you will find helpful materials for those taking my classes, as well as a little information about my background and interests.

Student Resources: 

General Resources Genetics K322-K323 Biology L100 Biology L102    
Course Descriptions Laboratory Manual* Laboratory Manual* Laboratory Manual*    
Self-Instructionals   Syllabus Syllabus    
Other Materials Article Questions Other Materials Other Materials    

* The Genetics Laboratory Manual is in pdf file format, and so requires Adobe Acrobat in order to be read.  The Acrobat Reader plug-in may be downloaded free from www.adobe.com.

Personal and Professional Information:

I received my bachelors degree from the University of Louisville Department of Biology.  From there, I went on to earn my doctorate at University of Louisville in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology. I did postdoctoral work at Lilly Research Laboratories in the Department of Molecular Genetics.  In addition, I also completed a postdoctoral at the University of Louisville Department of Biochemistry.  I am presently a Professor of Biology at Indiana University Southeast and an Associate Faculty member of the IU Graduate School.  My specific interests include genetic regulation in bacteria and bacterial physiology.

The Self-Instructionals

These Self-Instructionals provide a helpful review for those students who may need to brush up on their basic biology and chemistry skills. For students enrolled in L100, numbers 1 through 7 will be beneficial. For students enrolled in K322, numbers 1, 2, 5, 6, and 7 are recommended.  Each Self-Instructional contains vocabulary terms underlined and in blue text.  Clicking on these terms will display pop-up definitions and extra information.

1. Water, pH, and Buffers

2. The Cell Cycle and Cell Reproduction: Mitosis and Meiosis

3. Basic Chemistry for Biology

4. Glycolysis and Respiration: the Production of ATP from Glucose

5. Mendelian Genetics

6. Biological Molecules

7. DNA Science

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Web design and implementation by Elizabeth Crowell, 2001.  Self-Instructionals edited by Gretchen Kirchner and Elizabeth Crowell.

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