C122 Elementary Chemistry II Lab Schedule

Week ofExperiment
Jan. 10 Check-in; Introduction to Lab; Lab Safety
Jan. 17 No Lab - Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
Jan. 24Structural and Stereoisomers of Hydrocarbons
Jan. 31Solubility and Reactivity of Alkanes, Alkenes and Aromatic Compounds
Feb. 7Isolation and Identification of an Analgesic
Feb. 14Exam #1 and Polymers
Feb. 21Synthesis of Aspirin
Feb. 28Synthesis of Soap
Mar. 7Exam #2 and Determination of Vitamin C in White Grape Juice
Mar. 14Isolation and Identification of Casein from Milk
Mar. 21No Labs! Spring Break
Mar. 28Extraction of DNA from Strawberries and Other Fruits and checkout
Apr. 4Exam #3; Evaluations


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