EDUC-R531– 17195

Computer in Education

Spring 2008
Wednesday - 6 to 8:30

Instructor: Deborah Schweitzer
Adjunct Faculty for IUS and STC – JCPS Virtual School 

 “Teachers will not be replaced by technology. 
Teachers who use technology will replace teachers who do not.”

Telephone: home number:  (812)737-2380
Cell phone: (502) 558-0848  


Online assignments:


Class 1 – January 9 – Introductions and Inside the Computer

Computers in Education Syllabus

National Technology Standards: 

Parts of Computer:

Parts of a Computer PowerPoint
System Requirements
System Requirements PowerPoint
Floppy Disc
What is a USB Drive?
How to use a USB Drive
Computer Keyboard
Mouse 101
Parts of a Windows
File Names

This week's Assignment - Due Next Week

Class 2 – January 16 – JCPS Online and Parts of a Computer

See me about JCPS Online

Video Camera

      Mouse 101
Parts of a Windows
File Names

 Web Page - Free Online Dictionary of Computing
Link Page -Intel websites
Link Page - Trouble Shooting Websites

Long term planning - What do you have available to you?  - First Assignment

How to burn a CD using Nero
Assignment – “What do you have available to you?” Assignment

Class 3 – January 23 – Internet

JCPS Online Attendance
How to drop an assignment is JCPS Online.

The Internet:
Exploring IE 7 and what is new: - Quick reference Guide for IE 7

Setting up and accessing your IUS Storage:
How to check for an IUS Web Drive or How to spin a web
Using FTP to transfer back and forth from your IUS Account before IE7
Using FTP to transfer back and forth from your IUS Account using IE 7 FTP

Exploring the Internet:
Parts of the Internet

Class 4 –  January 30 – Internet Searching and Email

URL - Uniform Resource Locator
Navigating Bars
Different Type of Search Sites
Eight Tips on Using Search Engines


Block Style Business Email
Email Netiquette Rules

Go to and get a gmail account.   Send me an email at

Assignment:  Find 10 websites that you really think are great.  These should be student and teacher links.   Please put these links in a word document and drop it in the drop box provided on JCPS Online.

Class 5 – February 6 - Word Processing - MS Word

Terms for Word Processors

Developer Ribbon
Word Processing Exercise
Show/Hide Markers
Using drives
Inserting and Working with Tables 2003
How to insert Word Art 2003
How to insert Graphics 2003 
How to insert a Hyperlinks 20032z3
Developer Ribbon
Forms 2003

Word 2007 Help and How-to Home Page - Word - Microsoft Office Online

Class 6 – February 13 -  Finishing Word and  MS Excel

Assignment - What is a Scavenger Hunt?
Designing an Internet Scavenger Hunt
Word Document - Scavenger Hunt Rubric

Assignment - Using Word update your resume.   This is your professional part of your web.   Please do NOT include phone numbers or your address.  Please remember this will be published to the web.   Vitae or Resume - Note:  Vitae is Latin meaning life or lives or a Vitae is a "course of life."  Curriculum Vitae is used in the educational realm to formally list your educational experiences.


Class 7 –   February  20 –Excel

Spreadsheet Definitions
Spreadsheet Definitions II

Spreadsheet as a Database - A program that organizes a collection of information stored in an electronic format that can be sorted or searched

Using Excel as a database handout

Mail Merge Handout

Links - Spreadsheet Activities

GOOD Links -Excel Links

Using Excel as a spreadsheet - A program to organize numbers, make calculations, and create graph

M&M Lesson Plan
M&M Questions on Statistics
M&M Rubric

Other Lessons using spreadsheets:
IUS Doughnut Shop
Animal Crackers
Area vs Perimeter
Fish Kill

Assignment:   Using the template below, write for me a lesson plan using a spreadsheet (as a spreadsheet or as a database) to enhance something you already teach.  This lesson plan must include the following things:

Word Document - Lesson Plan Rubric-Spreadsheet.doc
Website - Rubistar 


Class 8 –   February  27–Photo Elements, MS Photo Story, Tux, and MS Publisher,

Photo Story 3  - (free download and directions) – Assignment Create a short story using this program. Please make sure of two things the pictures are not copyrighted and on your photos you have photo releases.



Photo of girl

Photo of Can

Dark photo

Tux Paint – Learn more about it at

         Class 9 – March 5 – PowerPoint and Inspiration Web site Map and saving other Graphic Programs


         Digital Cameras- Lesson Plans for using Digital Cameras in the Classroom

         Adobe Golive - Step-by-step tutorial for Golive CS2.

         Using iMovie - Learn the basic functions and tools of iMovie.

         LearningElectric - provides online software training through Quicktime movie tutorials.

         Photoshop Elements - Learn the basic functions and tools of Photoshop Elements. Links to other Photoshop Elements resources.

         Web Design - How to design, gather content and build a school web site


         Publisher Handout – Assignment Create a flyer or a calendar


PowerPoint Template



Class 10 – March 12 - Graphic Program – Inspiration

Class 11 – March 19 - Developing your Web Environment

 No Class – March 26 - Spring Break for IUS  

Class 12 – April 2 – Developing your Web Environment

Class 13 – April 9 –(JCPS Spring Break)  Evaluating Websites and Issues in implementing Technology in Schools

Class 14 – April 16– Last Class - Review of two educational websites and Presentation of Electronic Portfolio Using Your Web.