Presentation Program Terms


Presentation Program - Graphics application program used for creating presentations, speeches, slides, etc. Thinking of jazzing up your PowerPoint presentations? The Microsoft Office presentation program Improve the way you create, present, and collaborate on presentations. Use enhanced multimedia capabilities to deliver presentations with more impact.

Layout - "Layout" refers to the way things are arranged on a slide. A layout contains placeholders, which in turn hold text such as titles and bulleted lists and slide content such as tables, charts, pictures, shapes, and clip art.

Slide Show View - Slide show view takes up the full computer screen, like an actual slide show presentation. In this full-screen view, you see your presentation the way your audience will. You can see how your graphics, timings, movies, animated elements, and transition effects will look in the actual show.

Slide Sorter View - Slide sorter view is an exclusive view of your slides in thumbnail form. When you are finished creating and editing your presentation, slide sorter gives you an overall picture of it  making it easy to move, add, or delete slides and preview your transition and animation effects.

Note Page View - Each notes page shows a small version of the slide and the notes that go with the slide. In notes page view, you can embellish your notes with charts, pictures, tables, or other illustrations.

Slide View - the main editing view, which you use to write and design your presentation. 

Transitions Transitions are a set of transitional display effects that move from one slide to the next.


Animation Animations are used to add a special visual or sound effect to text or an object.


Backgrounds - Backgrounds are used in presentations to create a more interesting eye-pleasing look. Backgrounds may include gradients, patterns, pictures, solid colors, or textures. Gradients, patterns, pictures, and textures could be tiled, or repeated, to fill the page.


Templates Templates can be pre-designed to be applied to a presentation to give it a fully designed, professional look.


Slides Each screen that is displayed during a presentation. A presentation is made up of more than one slide. A new slide needs to be added each time a new point is to be presented.


Fill effects Fill effects fill in the background of AutoShape, text box, or WordArt you want to change. Like Backgrounds, these can include gradients, patterns, pictures, solid colors, or textures.


Text Box - Use text boxes to place text anywhere on a slide.