Different Types of Search Sites


Types of Search Sites:

Directories are for searching for broad subjects like Real Estate or Education for schools or university. Directories categorize web sites by subject areas. Directories are like the yellow pages of the phone book. It divides subjects into major areas.  The web designer is the one who chooses under what major topics or words they are placed. Here are two major search sites that are directories.

        Yahoo (http://www.yahoo.com)

Search Engines are used to search for very specific subjects like a certain real estate agent or a certain school or university. These search sites have robot computers that perform searches by matching words that the robot found on a site with the words you have used.  They sometimes use the keywords the web designer has coded into the page.   The more the words match the higher the chance that they have found the match you need. The designer of the web site must only register their address with the each of the different search engines and the robot computers do the rest.  These robots also decide what directory you fit. This is why some search engines find different sites because not all web sites register with all search engines.   Here are a few search engine sites:

        HotBot (http://www.hotbot.com)

        Google (http://www.google.com)

Meta-tag Search Sites search multiple engines or directory simultaneously.  Web designers do not register with these sites. These sites have the permission from other directories or search engines to search their sites for your topic. They list all the search sites and a list of what they found on each.  Sometime this can save you time if the topic is an easy one to find.  Here is a list of Meta-tag Search Sites:

        MatchSite Search (http://www.matchsite.com/index.html)

        Metacrawler (http://www.go2net.com/index_power.html)


Whole Language Search Sites are also meta-search engines, but they allow you to ask a question. Jeeves makes searching easier for beginners, but it also limits results.

        Ask Jeeves (http://www.aj.com)

Deep Web Search Sites are search sites that are design to handle specific areas of interest.  Deep web sites usually access a database of information.  For example some real estate sites allow you search listing and other related information or some sites provide maps or statistics of a given area.  Here are examples of deep web sites:

        Map Quest (http://www.mapquest.com)

        Netscape People Search (http://home.netscape.com/netcenter/whitepages.html)