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Course Templates

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Parts of Computer


System Requirements
System Requirements PowerPoint
Parts of a Computer PowerPoint
Computer Keyboard
Floppy Disc
Mouse 101
How to use a USB Drive
File Names
Parts of a Windows
Using FTP to transfer back and forth from your IUS Account
How to burn a CD using Nero

Web Page - Free Online Dictionary of Computing
Link Page -Intel websites
Link Page - Trouble Shooting Websites
Assignment -What do you have available to you?


Windows Exercise

Parts of the Internet
URL - Uniform Resource Locator
Navigating Bars
Different Type of Search Sites
Eight Tips on Using Search Engines
Web site - Internet Quick Reference Guide
Debbie's Educational Links -Learn How to Surf  the Web
Captivate Lesson - How to use a Drop Box in JCPS Online

Kid’s homework website

Internet and Word:

What is a Scavenger Hunt?
Designing an Internet Scavenger Hunt
Word Document - Scavenger Hunt Rubric
General Lesson Plans


Using the Form Tool in Word

Terms for Word Processors
How to insert a Hyperlink
How to insert Graphics

Word Exercise

Show/Hide Markers and Tab Leaders
How to Edit Graphics
How to insert Word Art
Inserting and Working with Tables

Drives, Folders, and Saving
How to Capture Screen Shots
Word Quiz

Using Form Tools
Captivate Lesson -Finding the Form Toolbar
Captivate Lesson -Adding a Textbox
Captivate Lesson - Adding Checkboxes
Captivate Lesson -Adding a Combo Box

Word - Mail Merge

How to make a Pamphlet Using Word

Mail Merge handout 1
Mail Merge Handout 2
Downloadable Excel File to do mail merge
Vitae or Resume - Note:  Vitae is Latin meaning life or lives or a Vitae is a "course of life."  Curriculum Vitae is used in the educational realm to formally list your educational experiences.


How to make a Pamphlet
These are on JCPS Online along with Captivate Lessons.



Word Document - The Trap
Word Document - Churchill word document

Handouts for Instructional
Technology Class

Templates, Tips, and Graphics from Microsoft

How to format a Feature Article

Microsoft Office Template Gallery Home - Resume Samples
Office XP Tips & Tricks Center
Microsoft® Design Gallery Live
See Sample at Debbie's Web Resume
Online Training on how to use Office

Word handout on how to format a Feature Article
What is a feature article?  Word document
Outline for a feature article - Word Document
Rubric for grading a Feature Article - Word Document
Simple Rubric for Feature Article - Word Document
Web Review Feature Article Lesson Word Document
Middle School Feature Article Outline, composition, rubric
Feature Articles Website
12 Point Checklist for Writing Feature Articles



Spreadsheet Definitions
Spreadsheet Definitions II
IUS Doughnut Shop
M&M Lesson Plan
M&M Questions on Statistics
M&M Rubric
Animal Crackers
Area vs Perimeter
Fish Kill
Deer Tagging
Links - Spreadsheet Activities
Website - Rubistar 
Word Document - Lesson Plan Rubric-Spreadsheet.doc

Excel Links
Bingo Fill in Vocabulary Template

PowerPoint Terms
PowerPoint Terms Word Document
Introduction Steps to PowerPoint
Mouse Pointers for PowerPoint
PowerPoint Links
PowerPoint Rubrics
How to Use Action Buttons in PowerPoint
How to add Custom Animation
How to add Transitions
How to Insert Video
Homemade PowerPoint Games
Copyright Information for games
Template 4 Categories
Handouts for 4 Categories
Templates for 5 Categories
Handouts for 5 Categories
Template 4 Categories Multiple Choice
Handouts for 4 Categories Multiple Choice
Template 5 Categories Multiple Choice
Handout for 5 Categories Multiple Choice

How to Create a PowerPoint Game


·         Setting up the board
(How to change slide layouts and work with tables)

·         Setting up the desk
(How to work with drawing tool bar, finding other toolbars, and Visual Basic)

·         Adding the Players
(How to add graphics and use the order tool to move objects through layers)

·         How to set up a Reset Button - optional
(VS programming and command buttons)

·         Adding the Scoring Box
(Grouping and adding text boxes)

·         Create the question and answer slides
(Copying and pasting slides, adding action buttons, and hyperlinks in a document.)

·         Access Terms

·         Database Terms

·         What is a Database?

·         How to Open a Database

·         How to move in a Database

·         Access Directions for the TEST.mdb

·         Test.mdb file


·         Test2.mdb

·         CATS.xls

·         directions:


Graphic Programs

Publisher - Word on Steroids

Hyper Studio

Publisher Handout

Hyper Studio Rubric

Kid's Pix - Drawing and Slideshow

Inspiration - Mapping

·         Kid Pix Instruction

·         Kids Pix Word Document

·         Graphic lesson Plan Rubric

·         Broderbund

·         Kid Pix Rubric

·         Download a free trial copy of Inspiration Software

·         Inspiration

·         Inspiration Assignment

·         See a Site Map produced in Inspiration
Visit our web site for valuable resources to get you started using
Inspiration’s visual learning methodologies in your classroom!
* Classroom examples:
*  Case studies:
*  Inspiration lesson plan book and other resources:



You will create one Captivate lesson.  It can be on any thing you want.

Free 31 Day download of Captivate -

The Wayback Machine -

Special search terms -

Hoax site:


Graphic Lesson Plan Rubric

Email Handouts

Web Review Project

Block Style Business Email
Email Netiquette Rules
Must Fix Pictures - Unversity eMentoring Program

Sites for Evaluating Websites
Interesting Websites that have been evaluated
Review the Web
Formatting Math Articles

Web Design

Try spinning a web for you web page.  This will produce a second drive labeled with your name and maybe drive W:.   Click here to read more about this process.

Steps in Designing a Webpage
Website Assignment
Basic Components of Web Design
Project Ahead Splash Page
Project Ahead Handout for Link Page
Free Websites
FrontPage Handout
How to add a Bookmark (linked on the same page)
FrontPage 2003 Handout
What your sitemap may look like
Layout for R531 homepage

How to save Office Programs as a Webpage

 Word tables - cell properties, table properties, page properties
Front Page - cell properties, table properties, page properties

PowerPoint Tables -cell properties, table properties, page properties
Excel - cell properties, table properties, page properties

picture properties
Export Inspiration to a html page

Tic-Tac-Toe Games

PowerPoint Templates

Tic-Tac-Toe 9 questions template
Tic-Tac-Toe 36 questions template
Tic-Tac-Toe 54 questions template

Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe

Homemade PowerPoint Games Gameboard Format
Copyright Information for games
Template 4 Categories
Handouts for 4 Categories
Templates for 5 Categories
Handouts for 5 Categories
Template 4 Categories Multiple Choice
Handouts for 4 Categories Multiple Choice
Template 5 Categories Multiple Choice
Handout for 5 Categories Multiple Choice

Other Sites

Copyright Project

ISTE standards

Technology student standards - Article -ISTE standards Teacher standards - Article about ISTE standards
Core curriculum Standards
Lesson Plan Rubric
R531 Final Rubric
download of Captivate - - suggestions on how to handle different discipline problems

List of teacher websites

6 Code of Ethics
Copyright Project and Links

Other Writing Links

 Technical Writing
How to write different Articles



Photo Elements

Adobe Digital Kids Club

Adobe Digital Kids Club: Lessons and activities