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Policy Institutes/Think Tanks:

Cato Institute

Heritage Foundation

American Enterprise Institute

Hoover Institution

Acton Institute


Other Interesting Links:

World's Smallest Political Quiz (see where you come out!) or an expanded version of the quiz

A good website on Libertarianism

U. of Iowa's Political Stock Market

An unbelievable data source on farm subsidies

A great data source on campaign financing

"The Law" by Frederic Bastiat

An insightful Weblog on Economics and Politics

Jefferson Review (a local Libertarian e-pseudo-journal)

Indiana Policy Review

Dr. Bob Reed's webpage on policy analysis (my dissertation advisor and a dear friend)

Inomics (a nice resource on economics-- jobs, info, etc.)

Statistical Abstract of the United States (awesome data)

Book of the States (useful data on state laws and institutions)

Great Data Source on State and Local Data

Your one-stop (government) site on federal regulations

History of Economic Thought website


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