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What you do to one side of the equation,

Dallas Cureton

You must also do to the other side of the equation.


Grade Level:  High School

Subject Area:  Algebra I

Topic:  Solving Inequalities

Kentucky Standards:  MA 4.3

ISTE Educational Technology Standards: 1, 3, 4, 5


If you multiply/divide by a negative number, you must flip the inequality sign.




This scavenger hunt is designed to introduce solving inequalities in a format similar to an actual lesson plan.  The scavenger hunt includes some games and will also introduce you to some websites that you may find helpful in the future.


Directions:  Complete the lesson plan in the order it is presented and answer each question below.




Warm Up

1.  There are five questions on this Warm Up.  Let’s see how you do on these questions before we start the lesson.  Answer the questions from the Warm Up on a sheet of paper and be prepared to turn it in after five minutes into the period.  If you feel totally lost after looking at the Warm Up, go to Lesson Tutor: A Beginning Look at Basic Algebra.










2.      Review the Basic Algebra Identities.  What is the definition of the Additive Inverse?

3.      For this question, try the introductory quiz on Solving Inequalities by using Addition/Subtraction and show all five answers to the multiple choice questions.

4.      View the video Solving Inequalities with Multiplication and Division.  List the solutions for Examples 1 and 2.

5.      View the video on Solving Inequalities from Nutshell Mathematics.  Finish the sentence, When you multiply or divide by a negative value on both sides, …”

6.      There are five questions on the practice page  Please list them on your worksheet for question 6.


7.      List the letters of the correct answers in order for this worksheet.


8.      Check your progress with this five question quiz.  List the five answers to this quiz for question 8.


9.      Review Solving Inequalities by watching the Brain Pop Video Solving      Inequalities.  For step nine, list the ten answers to the Brain Pop Quiz.


10. For practice try LTP: 9th Grade Math Practice Questions


      What is the answer to question 7?




Follow Up Activity.


1.     What sites did you find the most enjoyable?  Why?


2.     What sites will you probably not visit again?  Why?


3.     Use the information that you have gathered to write a paragraph explaining the most important rule for solving and inequality equation.


4.     Do you think computers make algebra more enjoyable or effective?  Why?