$Money Scavenger Hunt$ 








1.)         What is the average allowance amount for children that are age 7, 10, and 13?



2.)                Give me one way children who are under 16 years old can make money.



3.)        How long does a $1.00 bill, $10.00 bill, and $100.00 bill last?



4.)        What big event happened in money’s history in 1913?



5.)        What was the price of bread (lb), milk (1/2 gal.), and eggs (doz.) in 1940 and 1955?



6.)        Give 3 ways how to detect counterfeit money.



7.)        What is Indiana’s state quarter design?



8.)        What is the name of money currency in Brazil, United Kingdom, Jordan, and The Netherlands?



9.)        What did the song say about the half-dollar?



10.) If you have $6.59 in your piggy bank and your mom gives you $12.75 for cleaning your room how much money do you have total?






Test your money skills!



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Cassandra dos Santos

Indiana University Southeast