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Text Box: Academic Qualification
             Ph.D Economics, University of Kentucky, Lexington, 2004
             M.S. Economics, University of Kentucky, Lexington, 2000
             M.Sc. Agricultural Economics, University of Agricultural Sciences,
             Bangalore, India, 1996
             B.Sc. Agriculture, University of Agricultural Sciences,
             Bangalore, India, 1992
Curriculum Vitae
Fall 2009
            E100 Current Economic Topics (T & R)

Spring 2009
            E280: Applied Statistics for Business and Economics - I (T & R)
            E322: Intermediate Macroeconomics (T & R)
            A506: Managerial Economics (MBA) (W)
Areas of Interest
                 Economics of Education, International Economics, Economic Development, 
                 Health Economics, Economics of Education and Geographical Information      
Current Research:
∑ Socio-economic and Environmental Perception of Foreign Direct Investment  
                 in India: A survey with J. Alse
∑ Evaluation of Student Characteristics and Performance in Economics
                 Principles Courses with D Faulk and J. Bingham
∑ Countering the Negative Socio-economic Impact of AIDS in Developing
                 Countries Utilizing Innovative Media Strategies with V. Krishna and J. Alse
Economists: Mentors and Friends
∑ Glenn. C Blomquist
∑ Eric Schansberg
∑ Johnny Alse
∑ Angelos Pagoulatos
Useful links
                 Census Bureau
                 University of Kentucky, Lexington

Pictures of my children:
Tejas     Month Old          Six Months         First Birthday   
             With Baby Sister             Tara      Tara,Tejas & Caro
             Tara, Tejas & Arun            Tejas and Caro

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4201 Grant Line Rd, HH 216M
Indiana University Southeast
New Albany, IN 47150
Email: asriniva@ius.edu
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